A Moron's Quest


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Rogue-like, Dungeon Crawl

5 months

Web / Kongregate

Unity3D 5.3.4



Lead Programmer, Game Mechanics, Artificial Intelligence.






A Moron's Quest was a student project running for about 5 months the spring of 2016.


In A Moron's Quest, you are an evil wizard, trapped down a dark dungeon for centuries, most of your powers taken away and locked inside crystals scattered throughout the dungeon. In order to break free, you must use what powers you have to influence the unsuspecting (and moronic) adventurer, guiding him towards your cell on the deepest level of the dungeon. You do this by using spells affecting the environment, adventurer and enemies alike, and as you influence the adventurer into breaking crystals, which is needed to reach the next level of the dungeon, you become more powerful in the process.


I worked as a lead programmer on A Moron's Quest, with main responsibilities in Game Mechanics, Artificial Intelligence, and just about everything in between.






This project served as the main influence for my Bachelor Thesis in Games and Entertainment Technology. The thesis itself can be downloaded below for review.